Quiet, Still, Minimal. Images whilst travelling...

Back in April 2014 we travelled by train from Montreal to New York. 
I did write a very brief post about this experience at the time but what I want to revisit here is a series of particular photographs in the order they were taken, similar to a very short storyboard of images that need to seen together.

Considering the length of the journey It's a snap shot of a short moment in time.
The reason I've pulled these images out is that there's something quite magical about the quality of light that occurred as the day was beginning to draw in.

These muted blue grey tones mixed with the hazy light impacted with a filmic atmosphere.

Despite the fact this was two years ago I still recall the mood that filled the air. 
As we slowly crawled past the industrial aggregate site with masses of materials piled up sitting against the stark concrete structures and the highly engineered bridge dotted into the vast landscape. 

This part of the journey instantly pulled my attention away from my book or internal thinking and immediately resonated quiet still and minimal. 
Something I'm often striving to capture in my work. 

Train journeys through Canada and the United States to New York.

Here are few images taken on the train during our trip from Toronto to Montreal in April 2014.

The second train journey from Montreal to New York April 2014. Most of these images were taken on our approach into New York hugging the Hudson River taken early evening when the light was beginning to fade slightly. There's something quite beautiful about the muted colour palette. 

Images from the train

I seem to spend most of my time travelling particularly by train. It's a long standing joke to my friends and family whenever I make or receive a call I'm either on the train about to get on the train or waiting for a train.

So I thought I would post some photographs from some of my various journeys across the countryside.

Last week during the cold frosty mornings I was in my element. The light quality was really interesting capturing snippets of the landscape, whilst moving captures a more abstract image and the colour palette here quite subdued.

I often enjoy simply switching off and watching the landscape change throughout the journey 
mornings are fantastic as there is always an element of anticipation lingering in the air as everything is new and about to unfold. 

These were taken several days later after the frosty spell still very cold but there is a little more colour despite being in the depth of December.

part three