It isn't necessary to always reach an outcome or to achieve a final object. 
The journey through exploration, research and experimentation can be just as rewarding. 
Pushing material, and breaking conventional rules and expectations through process-led making can reveal a new visual language. 

In an age with few opportunities to slow down, seclusion, retreat and quiet are at the core of Kim Norton's work. 

A large part of her interdisciplinary practice involves working site-specifically, exploring scale and making work that focuses on how we interact with spaces and the impact these works have on the human senses. 

Materiality, physicality and presence of material are always evident. 
Conscious of consumption of materials and resources Kim approaches each project in a considered manner, by questioning how materials are used, where they are sourced and the permanence or impermanence of these objects or installations. 

Trained as a ceramic designer Kim predominately works with clay and often uses material from the site's locality - soils, clays, brick or pigments, in some cases in their raw state - so to draw attention to or to reimagine the nuances that can be regarded as not important or ordinary. 

Kim is a member of Haptic/Tacit, working collectively with four other makers from the Crafts Councils hothouse programme in 2013, and is also one half of the collaborative partnership with Alexandra Mazur-Knyazeva - they founded Perpendicular studio together in 2012, shortly after graduating from the MA Design (Ceramics) course at Central Saint Martins.