steel structures

Ibstock Brick Cattybrook Bristol

Two years ago I started building Pause within Ibstock on site at Cattybrook in Bristol. During my time there I was based within the Specials department. There are plenty of images on my website documenting my making process within the factory, but I wanted to post these images of the site, the equipment and the environment because I managed to get some great shots whilst working. It's also a good insight into industrial methods.

The scale of the machinery and equipment was really astonishing. Particularly as I was looking at scale within ceramics. 
Working within a different context such as this also taught me a lot about how ceramics is handled on a large scale, how certain techniques and processes are applied to a material I'm so familiar with and the wealth of knowledge that is housed within the Specials department.
I look back at my time there with fond memories, although I was undertaking a very large and  often temperamental project which certainly had it's up and downs. Everyone was so friendly helpful, generous and really supportive throughout.

Kiln controls in the specials department

Internal view of the gas kiln in the Speacials Department biscuit firing bricks 

View from my working corner of the Specials department 

View of the main factory floor 

Main factory floor where the standard sized bricks are made this is an enormous space. 

The drying room where the bricks go to make sure they are ready for firing. These large steel structures are the rotating drying fans. 

At the end of the kiln room within the Specials department there is a room where all the old wooden brick moulds are kept.