mock up of final design

Chelsea Fringe models and tests

In my last Chelsea Fringe post I mentioned the beginning of tests and scale models. 
Sasha started a couple of weeks ago and now we find ourselves having the submit our second proposal in to the Corporation on Friday, these images are proving to be crucial in order to communicate our design ideas through visual material. 

It's always difficult trying to compile a document around your own work. It's easy to forget that  people maybe looking at this for the first time. Whereas, we have been working on this project for almost a year and know it inside out. 

If you are dealing with a panel that may not be visually minded I think it's important to try and include as much information as possible. That way it is clearer to understand and also shows that we have considered every aspect of the project in minute detail.

 Sasha's test model  

I've been looking at how we can assemble the inner structure to create walkways through the space. using folding, draping, how would we fix it? or does it need pinning at the base?  

Outer structure looking at wrapping, draping, layering 

I think what this model has shown me today is that we will need to sew 3m panels together before construction otherwise there will be too many singular strips of fabric.
The dimensions have become a lot clearer and I can visualise the outer structure. 
Whilst standing on site I was having difficulty understanding how we were going to begin this. The scale was confusing me because I couldn't manage to get a total over view of the space as it's too large. 

The next rendition will be examining twisting pulling and creating some tension within the form. Think about pinning on the diagonal to introduce some different qualities. 

So breaking it down has answered and resolved some of my initial concerns. There is still a lot of work to do to refine the design and make the internal structure an interesting moment in time for the visitors but I think we are getting there !!