Rock Station Memoirs opening night

The first evening in Vancouver I found myself at the opening of a really interesting exhibition by two artists Stefanie Loveday and Renee Rhodes. 
It was the last thing I expected to be doing after a 10 hour flight but it seemed like the perfect way to begin the trip and an opportunity to find out what was happening within Vancouver's art scene. Rock Station was an exhibition exploring ideas around Geology, human interactions and memories. (with some clay pieces involved which instantly caught my attention)

Here's the site take a look!

I really liked the simplicity of the curation. Stones and pebbles were laid out onto graph paper on to the floor divided into small collections from varying beaches, This immediately forced you to look at them from a distance. In the same way we often spend most of the time gazing down searching for the most intriguing pebble to take home as a reminder of our time there. The variations within the rocks and pebbles collected from different coastlines was immediately evident from the changes in colour texture and form. Again hi lighted through the curating giving the viewer an opportunity to see this collection with more clarity within a smaller more confined environment.

The imagery projected upon to the wall gave a comprehensive insight into the research and background processes involved to conceive this project. I'm always fascinated by working methodologies as it helps to gain a deeper understanding of the conceptual thinking bringing more weight to the final outcome.

Unfortunately I don't have any images but the link above will map a visual journey of their discoveries and findings.