St Edmund Hall's Garden Oxford

On Tuesday I had the chance to take a quick visit to St Edmund Hall's garden in Oxford.
This is one of the smaller colleges in Oxford positioned just off the High Street near Magdalen Bridge. 

Susan Kasper The Head gardener showed me around the grounds as she is a snowdrop expert and enthusiast  She alone has planted something around 14,000 snowdrop bulbs of many many different varieties in and around the back lawns. There were too many for me to even begin to remember, but I didn't realise how diverse they are. I also learnt that they came over to Britain after the Crimean war and derived from Turkey. Somehow they always seem so steeped within the idyllic idea of the English garden or countryside. 

 If you are get the chance to pop in during public opening times it's well worth a visit Susan's vision and aesthetic sensibility is quite inspiring. 

It was the most perfect day to capture this beautiful space and witness these wonderful little white yet robust flowers. They are always a sign that spring is just around the corner.