British Ceramics Biennial Hothouse3 research residency.....

Last week the BCB announced the programme of events.... 
It's offical the Hothouse3 ceramics team have been selected for the Spode Research Residency.

There are nine of us taking part take a look at some of the wonderful work.

Keith Varney
Jane Cairnes
Miche Follano
Fay Jenkinson
Naomi Robinson
Grant Aston
Anne Laycock 
Jill Shadock

A few weeks ago we all visited the Spode site to take a closer look at the building and felt quite privileged to be able to step into areas that are normally out of bounds. 
The research residency is an opportunity to produce a piece or series of work in and around Spode. We have around six months before the opening and as we are working as a group we are looking at the idea of mapping the work across the site. 
Our second visit will be later this month where we have decided to bring all our ideas together to have a brain storming session on site and begin to look at where each of us may want to be positioned within the building and why? 

Here are a few images taken from the initial trip. 
It was fascinating to see and experience this vast space but at the same time it had a somewhat ghostly atmosphere as though time had literally stood still. 
What was once a hub of manufacturing and production is now an empty shell of times past.
It was also sad to see this remarkable building once a pioneer in print and bone china production succumbed to abandonment and decay. 
However, these are the elements I'm planning to draw upon as a starting point for the research. There are many more images I've could have posted but I'm in the process of of dividing them into separate boards to begin looking at what the visit really hi-lighted for me. 

Glaze room

Kiln Room 

Mould Store 

Old Print transfers