Second research trip to Spode for BCB 2013

Last week was the second visit to the Spode site for our research residency.
The purpose of this visit was to have a closer look at some of the architectural and structural details within the China hall, and to briefly discuss our ideas as a group. To pick up on recurring themes and ideas and to specify any requirements needed for the individual pieces of work. 
I'm still undecided whether I want to position my installation within the light expansive hall. The images demonstrate just how vast this space is and during the show it's going to be full of work. I'm rather drawn to the corners so the work is firmly embedded and then begins to expand out onto the floor. 

Or the second option is to find a darker more secluded spot but I don't want it to be missed....
I found a small dark room which looked as though it may have been or currently being used as a clay store. the two spaces resonate a very different mood and tap into different elements of thinking. The colours here have a real drama when you encounter this area for the first time. Sound would react well here.. I'm also intrigued with ideas of quietness or silence surrounding the work. 

I was also drawn in by the water marks. During the afternoon there was a heavy rainfall and it soon became apparent where the roof was leaking. I was really quite struck by the sound the rain created during that short period of time and the impact within a large empty space. 

I have a list of things I have to investigate to begin moving the ideas forward. 
I have however, decided that I will be building this piece of work onsite, and I'm particularly interested in the existence of this building in the absence of human presence.