Saachi gallery

Collect 2013 Favourites

It's the last day of Collect 13 at the Saachi Gallery today. 

I was really lucky to have been given a Private View invite from my Hothouse3 buddy Laura Ellen Bacon who is showing her remarkable woven willow spaces upstairs in the project space. 

I wanted to share a few images of my show favourites. 

Laura Ellen Bacon Woven Spaces:  Project Space

Mind blowing to be able to create these forms takes such skill.... I was thrilled to be given the chance to not not only meet Laura for the first time after our hothouse chats over the phone but I also get to see and experience her work. 

Jean - Claude Legrand Ceramics

I completely fell in love with his work. It has real strength and density to it. Highly structured he handles the surface with subtle marks making processes, balanced with a dry matt finish. The images really can't capture what this body of work resonates when you experience it first hand. 
It exudes architectural elements and reminded me of some of Zumthor's work with small cut outs allowing light to shine through which instantly draws you into the work.

National Glass Centre Jeffrey Sarmiento 

Love the scale and the density of black glass. 

Daniel Widrig the Project Space Glass

This was assembled with such elegance take a look at Daniel's website it's packed with fascinating work.