Paul Harper

Hothouse3 Peer meeting Bovey Tracey

I can't believe our March hothouse group meeting marked the half way point for the programme. It seems to be flying by....
On Thursday we all met in Bovey Tracey for a day where the focus was entirely based upon our own work, how we talked about the work, ideas and our practise.

We using Edward De Bono's Six Thinking Hats as a framework to structure our presentations. We had to break our work down into clear defined sections to avoid long rambling waffle. It allowed us to really focus one one element at a time.
It sounds quite simple when you are presented with the subsections you soon realise that there are quite a few cross overs so it makes you think about which hat you are wearing at any one time. Some of us found we were wearing all 5 at the same time... 

We were split into 3 groups and each group had a mentor to listen but also to help us along the way with our own practise development. Paul Harper was heading our group with myself and Laura both working out of the studio on site specific works and collections Paul and Keith glass and ceramics both more studio based practitioners. (Links to their websites can be found on the previous Hothouse post.)

Laura talking about one of her installations to see more of her work take a look at

I really enjoyed this session it made you focus on many aspects of the work but what I took away with me was to get feedback. Considering a large part of my practise is based around the senses and experience I need to actively begin collecting feedback from these objects and how people are reacting to them. 

Lucid Space will be the perfect opportunity as I will be there to see how the visitors are responding over the three week period.

Paul Harper was fantastic he was extremely generous with his knowledge, advice and time. He was genuinly interested in our work and practise and felt we had all taken a lot away with us to reflect on and work with. 

Key points to think about 

Working across different contexts 
Being resourceful 
Really using this time effectively and the importance of building and maintaining networks.