Christmas Window in East Dulwich 2011

Several months ago I agreed to design a Christmas window scheme for Karavan on Lordship Lane in East Dulwich. http://www.karavan.co.uk/ The store specializes in Eco products therefore I wanted come up with a design that was fairly simple but also focuses attention to the products being shown within the window.

I began with the idea of concentric circles or interlocking circles it was really important for the design to look as though it had been hand drawn as a perfect digital print I felt would not convey the individual image of the store. 
Originally I thought about having circles that were cut out so light could be positioned within the the store to reflect the design out on the the pavement. The first image at the top of the page was a small test piece.

I also had to work with two windows and a door positioned in the Centre. I wanted to pull the entire space together by incorporating the whole design across all three panels instead of having a symmetrical design which I felt would have been too obvious and frankly a little dull.

Colour was also important and once again the colour scheme had to create a narrative with Karavans ethos.
White was always key colour as it reflected the simplicity of the overall concept and once the design was scaled up to 1.1 scale there is an ambiguity to the piece. I didn't want it to shout out as being obviously Christmas but more about a winter window. So many options were considered firstly metallic either pewter or copper .... Black was too harsh and I very quickly moved away from traditional Christmas colour options such as red green gold and decided to go with gunmetal. 

So the final outcome was a vinyl printed image spanning the three spaces creating this slightly cavernous feel as you look into the shop. Xpress printing http://www.xpresssigns.co.uk/ on Goose Green printed and installed the final piece and Rachel Russell http://www.hellowilson.co.uk/ who also designed my website helped rescale and format the final artwork to go to print.