Heatherwick studio

Designing the Extraordinary at the V&A

Finally Finally I got to see the Heatherwick Studio exhibition at the V&A it didn't disappoint there was so much to see but I did feel it would have been better in a larger room. It wasn't only packed with visitors but jam packed with objects tests models making it a little difficult to fully appreciate the work.

The studios working methodology is so deeply steeped in experimentation material knowledge and I not only left feeling really inspired and the studio's attitude that anything is possible is driving true innovation in contemporary design practise.

I found the audio conversations accompanying key projects fascinating as it gave you a real insight into the design brief, the experimentation and process involved in such projects.

I think as designers or makers we are sometimes absorbed with the final outcome as opposed to the processes involved to allow us to reach the final phase. The emphasis upon being given time to devote to testing, models and working on many renditions, until you completely resolve the design is an ingrained part of Heatherwick Studio's working method. I think that's one of the many reasons this studio is so successful.

The exhibition ends on the 30th September I strongly advise a visit but it's best to book tickets in advance as it's highly subscribed.