British Ceramics Biennial update

It's been a while since my last post, 
Here's an update on the research residency at the British Ceramics Biennial. 

I seem to have been writing a lot and have started to refine my thinking around this project.
Last week the Hothouse group visited Spode for another meeting. What came out of this visit was we finally decided on locations and positioning, and started to gather a little more information regarding the run up to the show. 

With tape measures at the ready we all got to work mapping out the space we have to work with and any other requirements needed to realise each outcome. The great news is we have 24hr access during installation which is a huge help particularly if like myself I know I'm going to have to be there for a while.  

This is the space I'm going to transform I originally wanted a dark area but I also thought it would be important to contain the work from the main exhibition space as it needs to viewed and experienced in isolation.

I've been doing some exploratory work around possible forms. 
Whilst I was on site l also collected some old kiln props and small pieces of kiln furniture to begin making my own funnel structures for water to filter through, so I currently have two funnel options to choose from. 

We have until the end of September to have everything finished and installed, considering I'm building on site I'm looking to begin work early September which should give me plenty of time to iron out any technical issues that could arise.