The Churches at Romney Marsh Kent.

I arrived back from Kent yesterday and during this short trip away I managed to also head over to Dungeness and Great Dixters Garden. There are quite a few photographs so I've decided to split them over a couple of posts.

St Thomas Becket in Fairfield

Firstly the main reason for going was to take a look at the ancient churches scattered across Romney Marsh. I had heard that these spaces were well worth a look and and I wasn't disappointed. I'm also working on yet another proposal involving these wonderful unique spaces. Therefore I really needed to gain some understanding of not only the structure of the churches but also the atmosphere and essence within these interiors. I also have to consider  whether the idea I'm working on sits comfortably within one particular space or whether it's transferable between several spaces. 
There are 14 churches dotted in and around the marsh dating from 12th century. There is nothing ornate or overtly religious within any of these churches. The interiors are minimal devoid of any ornamentation mostly white washed with wooden beamed ceilings and wonderful terracotta flooring.

St Thomas Becket in Fairfield

St Augustine in Snave

 St Mary the virgin in St Mary in the Marsh.

My Favourite Church was St Clements
 This was the final one I visited and one of the oldest sites. The interior was white and pale pink with a seating space at the top of the church overlooking the entire space. It was truly beautiful.. 

Here are some exterior images St Augustine at Brookland was interesting as the spire which can be seen here was build on the ground next to the main church building and you enter the  church through what resembles a stable door.

St Mary in the Marsh where Edith Nesbit is Buried and at some point  Noel Coward lived in a cottage opposite the church. 

St Eanswyth at Brenzett. 
Having experienced these wonderful spaces I have reached the conclusion that I don't want to do anything too invasive they are old precious spaces that are undergoing continuous preservation to maintain them. Therefore I want to pitch an idea that is subtle and works throughout the space on several levels but also to make sure that the context is key in a project such as this.