Resonance Susie MacMurray at Fabrica

Today I had the chance to take a visit to East Sussex and whilst I was in the area I paid a visit to Fabrica in Brighton.

Fabrica is an exhibition space and visual arts organisation in the centre of Brighton housed within a Regency Church on Duke Street.

It's a space I'm wanting to exhibit in myself one day and today's visit made me even more determined. The interior is simple but stunning with dark wood pillars throughout and the quality of light is wonderful. 

The current exhibition is an installation called Resonance by Susie MacMurray and this piece of work certainly commanded the space it's in.

What I love about this work is the scale and that it's light in weight. Each section is a cone made from musical manuscripts. There's an interesting film where Susie MacMurray talks eloquently about her work and the thought processes involved, she explains that she was interested in the music that would have been played or sung here over a long period of time and the ephemeral nature of sound and music. This is particularly interesting as Susie was a classical musician herself before she became a visual artist. Resonance felt informed and considered not only around the space but possibly because there is a strong affinity with the subject. 

The exhibition is on until the 26th August with various events accompanying the exhibition throughout July and August. It's certainly worth a visit.