Art College

CSM show 2012 in the new Kings Cross Building

Last week I visited the Central Saint Martins degree show my first time back since graduating myself a year ago and of course this year a new building to experience over in Kings Cross.

Unfortunately I couldn't take photographs within the subject shows so I've included a few inside the building.
It's an impressive sight from outside and unlike any other art college in London. As you enter the building a larger expansive space opens up in front of you and central core is floodlit from the glass roofing.
As it was show time it was difficult to see how it would work on a day to day basis as this  busy hub and functioning creative space as there seemed to be a lot of non space.

I can't help thinking that despite the illusion of space the studio's have lost space compared to particularly Southampton Row I only mention Southampton Row as that's the only building I'm familiar with. There was plenty of areas for students to sit and work on their laptops but as for the studios they appeared somewhat restrictive and lacking natural light.

Having spent around six hours there With Sasha I must admit we didn't get to see as much as we hoped as we spent most of our time catching up with MA Design. After all that was the main reason for our visit.
It was well worth it though and great to finally get a glimpse of all the finished projects have a chat and see how the research had developed or changed over the past year. 

Work can be seen on the Central Saint Martins web site on
Past years shows can also be viewed there.