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'Vision reveals what the touch already knows. We could think of the sense of touch as the unconscious of vision.' 
The eyes of the skin P42 Juhani Pallasmaa

Physical traces of making is a collection of work exploring ideas around the haptic, through process led exploration and research. 

Relating to the sense of touch, in particular relating to the perception and manipulation of objects using the senses of touch and proprioception Oxford dictionary

This idea was initiated by Richard Serra's Verb List 1967-6
The notion of beginning a body of work from a list of words or instructions has always had a strong resonance.
It enables me to analyse the action of making and that direct contact with material. The impact one word or meaning may have on one particular piece or the entire collection of work is really important. 

'Touch is the sensory mode that integrates our experience of the world with that of ourselves. Even visual perceptions are fused and integrated into haptic continuum of the self' The eyes of the skin P42 Juhani Pallasmaa

I started by selecting a series of words that are important to my own making and working methodologies and words that encapsulate my practice as a whole. 

For example: compress, tension, solid, mass, etc. Clay's ability to be moulded, thrown, built into almost any form is a perfect material to explore this concept further

I'm stripping away the use of most tools and simply use my hands, weight and pressure, cutting and joining to reach different outcomes.  The reason I want to use three different colours is that I believe it will provide variation within the outcome particularly in the way each clay responds to being handled. For example: Porcelain will be put under extreme stress through the drying and firing process. It may also be interesting to see whether the viewer responds to the colour differently according to understanding and perception. 

The visual language is ultimately be led by the process and is very personal. As each individual mark has an imprint according to my body structure and strength as well as my own interpretation and understanding of the words. 

This body of work is due to be shown at some point next year.