Collaborative & Collective Works: Haptic/Tacit - In Search of the Vernacular

Click the image to view the entire project. Unless otherwise stated all work © Kim Norton.

With special thanks to

Catherine Spring and Kathryn Campbell of Oriel Myrddin Gallery 
Kimberley Chandler
Mark Cousins 
Niall Maxwell, Rural Office for Architecture 

The exhibiting partners are Grant Aston and Henry Pim, Jane Cairns and David Gates, Kimberley Chandler and Mark Cousins, Kim Norton and Gail Mahon. 

Untethered 2018 

In collaboration with Gail Mahon 

Soil on canvas collected from South East London and Carmarthen, clay from Bally Kelly, clay, wood, jute, bone and willow. 

Exhibited at Oriel Myrddin Gallery, Carmarthen. 
Curated by haptic/tacit 2018 

Click the image to view the entire project.

Haptic/Tacit - In Search of the Vernacular

The vernacular, in architecture as in language, is rooted in the everyday and the prosaic. It is formed of use and habit; it is local and specific; it is concerned with the functional or the domestic rather than the public or monumental. In Search of the Vernacular is the work of six makers who use the human scale of contemporary craft to provide a fresh perspective on aspects of vernacular architecture. 

By exploring architectural ideas through craft practice, In Search of the Vernacular provides insight into particular characteristics of the vernacular, those unseen and imperceptible. Applying construction methods to a different set of materials highlights the way process informs the substance of buildings and the city as a system; using the vocabulary of functional structures and objects for other forms reveals their inherent aesthetic properties; working on a smaller scale creates a new viewpoint on structures that shelter and the delineation of space through architecture. 

The work in the exhibition is gallery based contemporary craft including sculptural ceramics, installation and bespoke furniture. Exhibiting makers are paired, working either in collaboration or thematically linked. Writing and discourse are an integral part of the exhibition and it will be accompanied by a new publication or catalogue and a considered programme of events designed to stimulate debate and engagement. 

Haptic/Tacit exists to create opportunities to make, show, and explore ambitious modern craft 

Haptic/Tacit is a collective of six artists, makers, and writers creating a series of thematically-driven exhibitions, events, and publications. Each member invites another maker to participate in each iteration, either working collaboratively, in response to one another, or because of their specific take on the subject. This approach creates an evolving network of makers, encourages dialogue, and maintains a fresh outlook, creating a new dynamic through each distinct endeavour. 

Click the image to view the entire project. Unless otherwise stated all work © Kim Norton.

Click the image to view the entire project. Unless otherwise stated all work © Kim Norton.