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"What does it mean to give agency to the material, to follow the material and to act with the material? 
For a start, materials are neither objects nor things. 
To follow the material means to enter a true maze of meanings, where one encounters terms such as matter, materiality, stoff, substance or medium. "

Petra Lange-Berndt how to be complicit with materials

With materiality and material exploration playing such a pivotal role within Kim's practice it has become increasingly evident that subjects such as geology, environment and locality are becoming a real consideration within her thinking. 

This page sets out to show some of these works or works in progress. 

Over the past few years Kim has been working with raw materials on canvas. Developing her material knowledge and observations of material behavior within the realm of ceramics. 

Ranging from soils/earth, clays, glaze materials such as oxides, chalk, wood ash, bone ash and over time a collection of samples continue to be expand. 

Creating an ongoing archive for future works to be drawn from.